What I do

What I do, how can I help?

I manage innovations, projects, programs and businesses, deliver, develop and implement, coach, challenge and manage challenges. I work for governments, non-profits, profits, corporates, multinationals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and active as innovator, incubator and accelerator for startups. For over 20 years involved in sustainability issues, nature & climate conservation and biobased & circular economy. Intermediary for investments, technological/scientific challenges and the staffing of temporary assignments, projects and programs. Global. 

Interim Manager, Intra- & Entrepreneur, Scrum Master, Public Speaker & Eye Opener. For me it’s about sharing, supporting, getting things done and having fun. Entrepreneurial, determined with passion. I’m specialized in Corporate Project & Program Managent, Agile, Process & Organizational optimization/design.

Seasoned in Post-Merger Integrations and Carve-Out Programs, organizational & continuous improvements (people, resources, sustainability, technology), incident & problem management and managing changes within the profits and non-profits.

With a strategic and tactical vision obtained through study and experience, capable of looking past the obvious. An innovator, implementing and developing ideas. Ideas that range from the simplest to revolutionary. With an innovative and strategically creative view of the business, focus on the individual wishes and the necessary solutions.

A pioneer in enabling companies to step forward using data insights versus company status, translated to its strategic goals.

Advise and assist about the influence and changes of technology entail with regard to our human actions and wellbeing, closing the gaps between expertise and professional specific branch knowledge.
An analytical, linear, creative, empathic, cognitive very strong and methodical thinker by nature (balanced left / right brain 🙃), working at the cutting edge of business, technology/science and (radical) innovation.
Convincing as an initiator, public speaker & eye opener, people manager, interim executive and networker.
Involved in many collaborations and partnerships, international (science & high-tech) start-ups and innovation programs.