What I do

mark-nijenhuisWhat I do, how can I help?

I manage turnarounds, innovations and digital transformations, challenge and challenges. I work for governments, non-profits, profits, corporates, multinationals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and active as innovator, incubator and accelerator for startups. Global. 

Today acting as turnaround & change manager, innovation & remote working consultant and intermediary for new initiatives and capital investors. Seasoned in Digital Transformation, Strategic Business Intelligence and Controlling, Post-Merger Integrations and carve-outs. Strong in change & people management, reorganizing, reshaping, starting or restarting businesses and departments of any size. Global, location independent.

Organizational & Continuous Improvements (people, resources, sustainability, technology), Incident & Problem management and supports startups (from scratch to 36 months). Implementing Scrum/Agile method at tech & non-tech organizations. I accomplish, manage and monitor continuity. Future- & Innovation driven creating results and a smile with a smile.

Advise and assist about the influence and changes of technology entail with regard to our human actions and wellbeing, closing the gaps between expertise and professional specific branch knowledge.

Involved in many collaborations and partnerships, international (science & high-tech) start-ups and innovation programs.

A pioneer in enabling companies to step forward using data insights versus company status, translated to its strategic goals.


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