About me


I work for organizations with ambition, passion and focus on results.
Profit & non-profit, pragmatic & focused.

I do what I like and I like what I do…

I’m acting global, live in the Netherlands – Amsterdam area.
I regard myself as a citizen of the world, concerned and involved in the daily challenges of our environment. Married with Jeannette and a very proud dad.

Getting things done and moving. With a smile 😉

Social entrepreneur, consultant & intrapreneur. An analytical, integer, linear, creative, empathic, cognitive very strong and methodical thinker (balanced left / right brain 🙃), working at the cutting edge of business, technology / science and (radical) innovation.

Mindset and Belief:
– Smile, you only live once
– What You Imagine You Become
– Success is the result of tomorrow

I am ‘Addicted to Water’, an explorer. Passionate and devoted to outdoor, traveling, sports, mountaineering & hiking, kenpo-kai, kayaking / canoeing, sailing, bushcrafting, hiking, caving, diving and everything that lives, grows and breathes. Reading, technology & science, sustainability, social and climate investments, global climate control (sustainability, safety, environment and innovation), cooking, whiskey, wine, wining and dining.

“The ego is the biggest enemy of succes.
Less ego, more excellence” (success is the result of tomorrow)


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