Managing & Creating opportunities in a changing (technological) reinventing society caused by the need for innovation or external factors.

Your challenge is my profession, I ensure that your daily activities are in line with the strategic, tactical and operational objectives of your organization. I accomplish, manage and monitor continuity. 

  • International, multicultural, multi-language and multi-religion.
  • Environmentally aware, analytical, pragmatic and decisive.
  • Future- & Innovation driven creating results and a smile with a smile.

Today acting as turnaround & change manager, innovation & remote working consultant and intermediary for new initiatives and capital investors.
Seasoned in Digital Transformation, Strategic Business Intelligence and Controlling, Post-Merger Integrations and carve-outs.
Strong in change & people management, reorganizing, reshaping, starting or restarting businesses and departments of any size. Global, location independent.

Intra- & entrepreneurial, determined with passion.
For me it’s about getting things done and having fun.

I am ‘Addicted to Water’, an explorer. Passionate and devoted to outdoor, traveling, sports, mountaineering & hiking, kenpo-kai, kayaking / canoeing, sailing, bushcrafting, hiking, caving, diving and everything that lives, grows and breathes. Reading, technology & science, sustainability, social and climate investments, global climate control (sustainability, safety, environment and innovation), cooking, whiskey, wine, wining and dining.

Contact information:
Mail: info@mnijenhuis.com 
Phone +31 36 799 8750‬ or cell: +31617000017
Meeting planner: calendly.com/mnijenhuis
Home & office: The Netherlands, Amsterdam area
Work: Location independent


Innovation is people, Change is people…
I turn and change organizations by innovation and people.